The Home and School Association is our parent organization.  It serves to draw the Home, Church, and School closer together into a positive working relationship.  Your Home and School is involved in many aspects of school life: Fundraising, Auctions, Teacher Appreciation, the School Picnic, Fall Festival, May Day Program, Open House, as well as coordinating room parents. Why should you get involved with Home and School?


  1. Studies show students who have parents that are involved in their education do better in school.
  2. You help decide where the fundraising money is used.
  3. You will meet other parents and get tips for dealing with parenting issues.
  4. The main reason for getting involved is to help HMA-WC be the best it can be, plus you will have fun and meet quality people in the process.


Home and School allows parents and families to support the students of our school in different ways.  Go to our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled.