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Student Projects

Kailua Beach Micro-Plastic Invasion Project 2012-2013 
  Brock & Reid,    Julia & Annie,     Iosfa, Kaile, Devon & Lauryn

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2012 

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 2014 

Art Projects  Art I     Art II     Art III

Movie Projects 2013   Who We Are   Behind Enemy Lines   The Missing

Epic Movie Project 2014   "Finding Wonderland"

Movie Projects from 2015 - Summary of Project Videos, 
                                               The Oscar Nominees

Movie Projects from 2016 -  Video Award Winners, 8th Grade Class Trip,
                                                Graduation: Class History Video

Video Book Reviews   A Boy No More    Hunger Games   Catching Fire   Maze Runner     Paper Towns    Harry Potter    The Book Thief    Dork Diaries    Flags of Our Fathers   Lone Survivor

New "Creative" Product Advertisements - Devon,  The Sack,   Breakfast,  30 Hour Energy,  Ethi-Shot

Power Point Example: Science Ch.14 Vocab.